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FOX News Anchor Lays War Dead at Bush's Feet. (video)

The Foley pedo scandal ate up so much bandwidth most people don't even know Baghdad is under a daytime curfew.  Therefore, it's no surprise this shocking exchange on FOX News fell completely off the table.  It's so tasty, I just had to pick it up, transcribe it, and share it around.  This is a dog bites man kind of story.

Click the image above or here to see the video on YouTube.

Shep Smith is a popular FOX News anchorman, yet even this avid supporter of the war, Bush, and all things conservative finally got so enraged, he stomped Bill Kristol like a grape.  Talk about making Kristol whine.   Shep started off calling this administration's policies horrifying and repulsive and it went downhill from there.  By the end of the segment, Shep was holding Bush responsible for any deaths that occur in Iraq between now and the mid-term elections!  In so many words!  On FOX NEWS!  This is Must See TV.  Transcripts and links to this "come to Jesus" talk below:

The clip begins with the tail end of a discussion about the Clinton/Wallace interview and Kristol (who has never been near combat in his life) makes a point of using military language to spin what happened there... thats when things go completely off the rails:


SHEPARD SMITH:  "Can't you say beyond...beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt that what's happening in Iraq is not working as we had hoped it would happen?


SMITH: That the terrorism is getting worse? That they are feeding off it?  Today, one side is talking about secession if they don't get over it, that the sectarian violence is spreading, that we're clearing out one area and not able to hold it and the insurgents ... that stay the course isn't working?  Any more than, maybe, cut and run would work? And that everyone seems to know, but won't say the answer is to add troops not take them away? Where are the people who are looking out for our best interests?

KRISTOL: Well, I've said that many many times, so often I've been ridiculed for saying "more troops, more troops, more troops."  I hope the president...

SMITH: If they really want to win it! [agitated]

KRISTOL: I agree...I hope...

SMITH: But I think they are just paying lip service to all this! [yelling]

KRISTOL: Well, I hope not because it really wouldn't be the right thing to do and I think President Bush wants to do the right thing and I think he knows there's a problem.  He can't probably do anything until election day.  I very much hope after election day he takes a fresh look at Iraq, sends enough troops, surges the...goes on the offensive there and plays for victory because..

SMITH: Bill..

KRISTOL: it's just too important to just, you know...

SMITH: It's horrifying that you just said he can't do anything until after the election.  We've got men and women over there who are dying every day and you just said that the man who you support can't do anything even though you believe he knows it's wrong.

KRISTOL: I...I...urged him...

SMITH: OK, but what is worse that? What is worse than that, Bill Kristol? This isn't working.  Well, isn't that what you are saying?

KRISTOL: It's not working....

SMITH: It's not working.

KRISTOL: It's not working, but some of the alternatives would work, would work worse and to be fair to him he has been....look  ... I....Two months ago a Democratic senator said to me, I was saying Bush was going to stay the course and I admire him for his sticktoitive.. for his courage on Iraq and he said, "You're kid... You're crazy...everyone in Washington knows he is going to pull troops down before election day. He wants to give those Republican congressional candidates the benefit of seeing troops come home."  It is to Bush's credit that he did not do that. We have moved a few more troops into Iraq. Bush has committed...

SMITH: A few more troops. [sarcastically]

KRISTOL: We should... We should ...

SMITH: We're still losing ground in city after city every day...

KRISTOL: I agree we should move more, but I think Bush has least he has held his own ...ummm... I don't's going back and forth there right now... I agree we could hit a crisis in two, three, four months unless we surge troops after the election. I thinks its hard to ask Bush to do something in the middle of this election season.  We've seen how poisonous this political debate has gotten and I think... I just hope... I think he's right to hang tough and I hope he does the right thing after election day.

["could hit a crisis"...sheesh...Shep goes balistic]

SMITH:  That's a disgusting and repulsive reality Bill you have to admit that.  That we can't do anything about something that is not working and where people are dying until after our elections are over...

KRISTOL:  Well, we could do something... we should do something...but I'm just telling you that....

SMITH: The political reality is we can't.

KRISTOL: it's been a poisonous political debate ...both sides.

SMITH: If I were the mother of a father of a young man who dies between now and that election in this war I would be raising holy hell. Wouldn't you?

KRISTOL: Well, no....

[holy moley... Did Bill just say he would sacrifice his kids to this?]

SMITH: Wouldn't you, Bill? If you believed that this isn't working...

KRISTOL: No.  They do..they're doing..They think they're doing the best the military strategy

[! He really did say that!]

SMITH: Do you think they think that, Bill, really?

KRISTOL: I think they, I think so.

SMITH: Because you don't think so, you just said so.

KRISTOL: Well, I've been critical of them. I think they should send more troops, but other people differ. I think Bush is going to reconsider when he thinks uh..after he gets through this election here.  I wish he would have reconsidered six months ago.  I urged him to six months ago.  He chose not to.  But to be fair to him, to be fair to him I think he is doing what he thinks is his best for the country and I think he is right, that the alternative of somehow pulling down wouldn't help.  And incidentally, for the mothers and fathers who have kids there my solution does not...does not... decrease the chance of casualties.  I'm willing to.. I think we may have to take more casualties there.

[Nice. At least he's clear that he is willing to sacrifice more of other people's kids.]

SMITH: To win! But what they keep saying is they want to win. And yet you talk to soldiers and captains and colonels who come home or who talk to you on the phone or who send you an email and they say, "Look! We win individual battles.  We leave the individual battle and go to the next town and the insurgents come back."  It's happening in Afghanistan right now.

KRISTOL: I agree.

SMITH: The Taliban had been wiped out. Now the poppy production is up to supplying 92% because we don't have enough people there.  So how fair is it to the people of this country and to the world to be in a process that you  know is not working, to know what the solutions are, yet because of the election system and the political process you allow a losing thing to continue?

KRISTOL:  Well I think we can make it a winning thing, I think Bush will make it a winning thing, It's a democracy. It has drawbacks.

[Wha?!?! STOP THE TAPE!  WTF does that mean? Democracy has drawbacks? Compared to what?]  

I agree on Afghanistan,incidentally, that's another place where we're going to have to increase troop levels in the next few weeks.

SMITH: Yeah, but when?

KRISTOL: Soon.[smugly]

SMITH: We'll see. Bill Kristol, good of you to come.

KRISTOL: Thank's Shep.

After a "come to Jesus" talk like that, all I can say is Kristol sure has a lot of work to do this Yom Kippur.  I won't hold my breath waiting for him to fast or anything, but I would love to hear which "drawbacks" of democracy Kristol would like to do away with first.  This raises another question.  If it's so flawed why are we working so hard to spread democracy around the Middle East?   Or is this just another example of Kristol advocating a failed policy?

Good job ripping apart Bill. Especially his continued lame excuse "I think they believe they're doing the right thing." But when I heard his "democracy / drawbacks" statement in the video, I took it to mean something like:

"I think we can make it a winning thing, I think Bush will make it a winning thing, It's a democracy [which is a winning thing, but even so,] It has drawbacks [that is, could be a better democracy if there was lass infighting, etc.]."

It didn't sound to me like he was saying democracy has drawbacks.
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